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Mech2The Echo was designed to be capable of conquering the difficult terrains found within the Alps, to be used as a rescue vehicle when helicopters would were not permitted to fly because of dangerous weather. The Echo concept was inspired by Boston Dynamics who develop animatronics – robots capable of walking (or running) like animals. The Echo is designed with ergonomics in mind and is designed to meet the standards of a typical road ambulance – this means the exterior had to be large enough to house a practical to use interior which is actually where this project developed into the Patient Controlled Healing Environment (PCHE) (see below). The interior of the Echo was originally designed to be gyroscopic to enable to vehicle to maneuver steep angles without affecting the passengers inside.



PCHE – Patient Controlled Healing Environment


The Patient Controlled Healing Environment was designed to give a sense of control back to a traumatized patient. Research showed that a creating a connection between the patient and nature was extremely important, as well as colours being used within the environment. however colour theory suggested that although certain colours will have a psychological change causing a physiological effect it couldn’t be guaranteed that every person would benefit the same from the same colours, this is due to the patients personal experience which they may associate certain colours with bad memories. To design a solution around this the lighting within the interior was designed to be fully customisable using a tablet device that could be raised or hidden away depending on the patients needs. The seats, the walkways, the storage units, the organic inspired art placed around the vehicle all could be set to a specific colour, hue, and lightness – as well as being given the option of 3 standard settings, eg warm, relax, nature. Certain aspects were inspired by the Frankfurt kitchen designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. The design had to be highly functional for the paramedics as this was at the very heart of the project, an ambulance. All medical equipment was stored into a color coordinated storage unit and equipment would only be on display to the patient as and when it was needed to reduce any feelings of anxiety the patient would have associated with the medical devices. The smart glass ceiling, rear door windows and side window could all be controlled through the tablet device, this would allow the patient to set the amount of natural light that could enter the interior but also – The smart glass ceiling was capable of producing visual art to be used as a distraction technique on the patient to aim to reduce the amount of physical pain they were perceiving.


Nordic Furniture Design.

Glass Furniture1

The lounger seen in this image was the original bespoke design created by Joshua Lee during his final year at Stourbridge college studying art & Design. As the years have gone on and the designers skills have developed using a range of software such as Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Alias automotive and 3DS Max, Josh saw this project to be a great example of demonstrating to himself how far he had developed his abilities. Every year the design would be redrawn using the most appropriate software and this image shows the latest rendition of the furniture design – this time developing the range of furniture to single seats, bookcases and lamps. The models in the environment were first drawn as individual components and then formed into an assembly in Autodesk Inventor. These were then imported into 3DS max where an environment was built to help situate the furniture. All the lighting was produced by carefully placed scene lighting controls to create as close to a photo realistic image as possible. The lighting aspect of this image would be the most difficult to produce and control and could take a huge number of hours to perfect. However as the designer has more and more practice with the software these photo realistic images become easier to produce, using less time.


IKEA Project



















The Ikea Project was a university project which was aimed at us developing our 3DS Max skills and knowledge. Students had to choose an image from the Ikea catalogue and reproduce the picture to the best of their ability. This involved building the specific piece of furniture in any desired 3D program and then importing that assembly into 3DS max to work on the lighting to create as close to the original image as possible. The top picture shows the wardrobe taken directly from the Ikea website and below is the attempt to re-create the image. Ikea’s catalogue consists of up to 80% rendered images as the need for expensive real life photography is no longer needed. This was one of the first projects produced using 3DS max so the quality is not as high as other pieces of work shown on this website, but we feel its important to show our development from project to project.


Point of sale – Zoggs



The point of sale stand was inspired by water and was designed to attract the attention of potential customers over to the products. The stand was customisable to ensure that it could be used to display as many different products as possible. The water graphic drop back could be swapped out for another graphic, the LED lighting used to extenuate the water effect could be changed to any specific colour and the rails could be re-positioned or removed depending on the size of the item being displayed. Previous retail experience proved useful as it allowed the designer to think about lightweight materials, quick assembly and maneuverability of the stand, not just the aesthetics of the point of sale stand.


Scissor Lift enclosure



The scissor lift enclosure was redesigned according to an existing enclosure, this meant the designer visiting site and taking specific dimensions of the damaged shaft in order for it to be redrawn in 3D and to create 2D dimensional construction (production) drawings. The image above was built entirely in Autodesk inventor and was rendered in a real time rendering software called Autodesk showcase. This software allows a product to be interacted with virtually in front of a customer, the product is often presented on a laptop or on the odd occasion through a projector – clicking on specific parts will cause them to animate, showing gates opening or any specific point the designer feels necessary to get across the customer.



Scissor Lift – Animation
Scissor Lift1Scissor Lift2Scissor Lift3

Our designers can work following specific briefs or quotes to enable us to build a 3D representation of the exact product, this works especially well in an industry where customers are often oblivious to what they actually need and a lot of the time a worded technical specification wont be enough for the customer to visualize the product they’re buying. This can lead to the customer not being confident enough to place an order. This is where the product renders can often win the order over competition as you will be able to present your customer either an out of context (not placed in a scene) render showing just the product they will be buying and also the general layout allowing you to spot potential problems with the quote, allowing you to change any mistakes before its too late. Or if you are able to provide site photographs, we will do our very best to reproduce that environment and situate your product within that space. Which is perfect for fully demonstrating what your product will look and work like within any specific area. It is possible for our designers to visit site on your behalf and take measurements to allow us to accurately build a 3D model which can be converted into a 2D dimensional drawing to assist with production.  We also offer the option of producing full animations for you to present to your clients. (visit our facebook page to see an example of our animations.)



Please feel free to leave comments with any feedback (positive or negative) about our portfolio. Thank you – JL

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