Joshua Lee (Managing Director)

Personal Portfolio: www.coroflot.com/eelhsoj

UK, Denmark,

Email: Sales@Joshleedesigns.co.uk

 JLDesigns is an up and coming design consultancy Owned and run by Joshua Lee from his home office based in Reddtich, Worcestershire.

Josh Graduated from Bournemouth University in November 2015 and within 2 weeks was employed as a ‘Technical Projects Manager’ for Translyft Lifting Technology.

While studying at Bournemouth University, the design students had the option of developing their skills further through the form of a placement. This is where Josh first introduced himself to Translyft and was taken on to complete a 50 week placement as an industrial designer – They had never taken on a placement student before so it was up to Josh to incorporate himself into the business.
Josh developed a method of producing 3D representational drawings and 2D dimensional drawings for clients to go alongside the standard A4 quoted document.

Translyft Lifting Technology soon found this to be a huge benefit to increasing sales as they would often deal with first time buyers who were completely unaware of what they were buying.

Josh’s role within the company today sees him working as their technical projects manager and is also responsible for passing on important site information between the English and Danish design offices.



JLDesigns was started in May 2015 by Joshua Lee (managing director). Its original intentions were to help young, creative and recently graduated design students to get work and gain experience working on small projects together. It was intended that the group of designers from different backgrounds such as Automotive design, fine art, Industrial design etc would be able to offer multiple solutions to a single project and this would give our customers more options to choose from. Giving the customer more for their money.


As JLDesigns has developed over the short year, its aim is to assist companies in producing high quality renders and even production drawings. We’ve discovered that the goods lift industry in particular can gain a huge advantage over their competitions by using our situated renders of their products to win orders. This doesn’t mean we are limited to just this industry however and we are more than happy to discuss any projects you may need assistance with to see if we can help give you an advantage over your competition!


We look forward to working with you,